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i hate stevie.
his new girlfriend will be lucky if she doesnt get punched in the face tonight.
by someone who happens to look alot like me.

a total creep has a crush on me.
i think i'm gonna get raped.

i hate having a crush on someone who doesnt realize it no matter how much i put it out there.

i stood next to a really cute guy while watching TRL in New York.
he was really hot.
too bad i had to go back to my brothers after it was done, i would have liked to hang out with himmm.
i think he was the hottest guy i've ever seen tho. really.

i hate boys.

damn life

i was so excited for today.
i thought it was going to be different.
but im not in love, i just have a broken heart and a best friend instead of a boyfriend.
for once my nightmares actually came true.

so much for getting help.
im stuck in my hole for at least 2 more weeks.

going to stevie's in t minus 15 minutes.
we're gonna make nappiess.

its a blizzard outside.
i wish i could say about 3 months until bamboozle, but no, I'm going to montreal now.

don't ever look backk.

one of the guys randomly played We the Kings this morning at school.
it was amaazing. I love how me and alex aren't the only ones in the state who like them

I almost passed out in Biology because we did blood testing.
I would have let myself pass out too if someone was going to be there to catch me.

I really want to go see Hot Rod Circut sunday night (my birthdayy!) at the Knitting Factory in NY. But my mom wont let me go. fuckk.

birthday dinner tonight with steviee.
i'm excitedd.

haha LJ.

It's amazing how much I never post anymore.
but not really.
because I will still never be photogenic, as hard as I try.

No matter HOW MUCH I LOSE, or what I get, my self-photo taking skills will never improve.

I actually love life for like, the first time in forever.
except for the fact that guys till ignore me, but that's only in Gorham.
and my last two classes of the day are at the part of the building that's next to a restaurant. it smells soo good.

I love that:
school is good.
I won a field hockey game 
I'm the top scorer.
I dont rely on food to get me through the day.
concerts. yey.
mcr with my cousinsss. raiding UMaine Orono's dorms.
oh, and my new fishy.

so yeah.
no one will read this but I dont really care.


i hate my mom.
DAUGHTRY and Flyleaf and DISTURBED will be in Tampa while I"m there.
and of course I cant go because my mom spent $500 for us to go to Jimmy Buffet.


paranoia paranoia
everybody's coming to get me
just say you never met me
i'm going underground with the moles
hear the voices in my head
i swear to god it sounds like they're snoring
but if you're bored then you're boring
the agony and the irony, they're killing me
i'm not sick but i'm not well
and i'm so hot cause i'm in hell

i'm boycotting NBC

I watched the Macy's parade to see one thing, and one thing only.
and you think that what i would want to see would be shown for more than like, 20 seconds, as it was leading off the parade.
but NO.
NBC is run by a whole bunch of faggots
it almost makes me not even want to try out to be in the parade next year.